With $53M at its back, this Golden-based self-driving truck company aims to conquer the “yards”

Outrider’s integrated software, self-driving yard trucks are bringing autonomous tech to shipping yards

It has spent two years fine-tuning its electric engines in secret, but this week Golden-based autonomous tech company Outrider is shedding its invisibility cloak and giving the public a look at one of its yard trucks.

Outrider specializes in automation systems for distribution yards.

Using the company’s software and its self-driving, electric yard trucks (small tractors that can move cargo over short distances but not over the road) clients can move a trailer around a yard for cleaning, pull it up to a warehouse dock for loading and drag it to a staging area to wait for an over-the-road tractor to pull it to its next destination all without a single worker stepping outside or a single diesel engine warming up.

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