Yahoo! Finance: Venture firm is a ‘win-win’ for Koch Industries and company founders: Chase Koch

The Koch family name often invokes the sprawling Wichita, Kan.-based manufacturing conglomerate, Koch Industries, which pulls in more than $110 billion in annual revenue and helps fund the family’s philanthropic and political endeavors.

But a lesser-known venture firm called Koch Disruptive Technologies — helmed by Chase Koch, the son of multi-billionaire Koch Industries CEO Charles Koch — aims to make waves in the venture space and set a path forward for Koch Industries with notable investments in sectors like tech and healthcare.

In a newly released interview, Chase Koch described Koch Disruptive Technologies as a “win-win” for company founders, which receive the resources and expertise made possible by the venture firm’s vicinity to Koch Industries; and for the manufacturing giant, which can use the firm as laboratory for transforming its holdings….

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