Startup QC Ware Secures $25 Million to Support Growing Demand for Quantum Computing

The quantum startup company intends to use the new business funding to expand its team and facilitate the development of its quantum computing cloud service, “Forge.”

QC Ware collaborates with multiple well-known global companies, including Aisin Group, Airbus, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), BMW Group, Equinor, Goldman Sachs, and Total. These business partnerships are mostly based on the demand for the startup company to design high-performance practical algorithms. 

QC Ware claims it has managed to significantly reduce the industry’s timeline for quantum advantage. Additionally, the startup has increased business and US federal sector adoption of its algorithms for quantum machine learning, quantum Monte Carlo simulations, and quantum optimization. 

The quantum startup has experienced a robust growth trajectory thanks to its business partnerships. QC Ware has leading hardware partners across areas such as chemistry simulations, materials discovery, drug design, and beyond.


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