Network Cloud: Can It Simplify Your Cloud Journey

eWEEK NETWORK TREND ANALYSIS: Savvy investor Koch Industries bets big on Alkira to bring in the era of cloud networking.

Every enterprise moving to the cloud has discovered pitfalls and challenges with the network that slows down deployments. The limitations of legacy networks certainly aren’t new, but now they’re becoming business impacting. 

Because of this, there are dozens of companies promising a better way of doing things. These “cloud networking panaceas” claim they will reduce network complexity, increase agility and provide a smooth path to shift IT applications to hybrid, multi-cloud networks, defined as a mix of public and private cloud resources. In multi-cloud networking alone, there are dozens of entrants addressing every aspect of orchestration, monitoring, mid-mile network-as-a-service (NaaS), security integration, virtual firewall management and others. Each company promises–and in many cases–can deliver a point solution which the enterprise then needs to patch together with the other point solutions.

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