Koch brothers lead $150M investment in device company

An investment group owned by the Koch brothers has taken the lead in Insightec’s series E. The round will funnel up to $150 million into Insightec to support commercialization of its noninvasive image-guided neurosurgery device and expansion into new indications.

Koch Disruptive Technologies, an investment fund set up by the billionaire Koch brothers, is leading the round. Initially, Koch and the rest of the investor syndicate will put $75 million into Insightec in an agreement that gives the backers the option to commit the same amount again down the line. That means Insightec now has access to a business-redefining amount of money.

“This investment round elevates Insightec into a new strategic position within the healthcare industry,” Insightec CEO Maurice Ferré, M.D., said in a statement.

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